Stained Concrete Floors

Beautiful floors can truly make a house look like an amazing home. Tile, carpet, concert…they all have their own ways to accent a room. Carpet is the most common flooring that gets ripped out in order to be replaced by tile or concrete. Which of these are better? They each have their own benefits but there is just so much more room for design with stained concrete.

The beauty that lies with a stained concrete floor is endless. There is a wide variety of options and colors that can be mixed to find the right setting for your rooms. The floors always get the style flow started. This leads to the choice in paint colors, textures that may be added to the walls and ceilings, the decor style, etc. This is all the fun stuff but did you know that you can push the limits with the design of your stained concrete floor?

Concrete floors can be customized in ways that tile could not measure up to. The detail level that concrete offers make it the ideal flooring for those who can afford to keep up the care. One could make designs of anything, for example, you could use different colors to imitate flagstone floors or simulate a wood texture effect. Some flooring designers get intricate and draw beautiful, abstract designs or create textures that are tricks to the human eye and mind. These floors can be made to look like water, wood, tile with grout, shapes and geometric art.

The biggest benefit to having concrete floors is the cleaning aspect of it. It is the easiest of all the flooring types to keep looking new. It can be hosed down if need be. It can be wiped with out scrubbing too. Tile is similar but the grout prevents the homeowner from being able to have easy clean up. Over time this grout breaks up and need to be filled and/or replaced. Sometimes it is minor repairs but if not taken care of right away you can find yourself replacing a whole section.

If the concrete floor breaks or cracks, it is a lot easier to repair. Most of the time it is just a matter of filling in the broken areas. Massive repairs are also a lot more affordable for any homeowner and the price comparison between that and tile has a large gap in between the two styles.